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Discover sensations
We have numerous activities so that there is something for everyone to enjoy

We offer a wide range of visits for you to enjoy because we want you to keep coming back for more. The vineyards are a natural display all year round and our activities always include surprises. In our wine shop, you can purchase all of our wines and cavas, and you can also taste them if you wish. We believe that great customer service and a warm friendly welcome are our best form of advertisement.

Opening hours:
- Working days: 9h-13h and 15h-19h.
- Weekend and public holidays: 10h-14h.

Information and bookings: 
+34 93 899 41 24


  • visita_eudald
    The essence of wine
    To introduce yourself in the wine world

    Fun walk through the property's vineyards to discover ecological and biodynamic agriculture. Learn how our wines and cavas are developed at the winery. The visit will end with a guided tasting.

    Duration: 1h30min.

    Price: 12€/person.

    Available all year.

    Includes: 3 guided tastings and a selection of appetizers.

  • vi_penedes_verema
    All the colours of wine
    Learn all the tasks carried out in the vineyards and in the winery

    A guided visit around the winery to delve into ecological and biodynamic agriculture. Learn about the work done at the vineyard and the winery in depth.

    Duration: 2h

    Price: 18€/person

    Available all year

    Includes: 4 guided tastings and selection of appetizers

  • vi_ecologic_penedes_eudald_massana
    Technical visit
    Learn the technical tasks in the vineyard and in the winery

    Delve deeply into ecological and biodynamic agriculture, and all its technical specialties with Eudald Massana Noya. At the winery, learn about the entire technical development process for our wines and cavas.

    Enquire for price, schedule and availability

    * Includes a tasting at the end

  • foto_blai_caves
    The treasure of cava
    Discover the cava world

    Discover the magic of the bubbles that make special moments – small and large alike – unforgettable. Visit the winery and immerse yourself in the culture of cava, from the vineyards to the bottle, ending with a tasting session of our different types of cavas.

    Duration: 1h30min

    Price: 18€/person

    Available all year

    Includes: 4 guided tastings and a selection of appetizers

  • vijazz_enoturisme
    Grape tasting in the vineyards
    The best activity to discover from where the essence of our wines is!

    Walk through the farm's vineyards with Eudald Massana to discover the grape varieties and how they ripen before harvest. Have breakfast at the family farm with cava and wine tasting, and visit the winery with a fermenting must tasting.

    Duration: from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

    Price: 25€/person.

    Available August and September

  • vi_penedes_enoturisme_3
    Must tasting
    Taste the flavours of a futur wine
    Discover each wine's first sensations during fermentation. Must tasting of different grapes between barrels. Delve into a world of aromas, flavors and tones. Cava and wine tasting at the end.
    Duration: 1h30min
    Price: 25€/person
    Available September and October
    *Optional winery visit
  • tast_vi_cava
    Wine Master Class
    Let yourself introduce in the wine and cava tasting

    Master Class to discover the world of wine tasting, within the family farm’s enjoyable setting. Learn about the differences between each variety and type of wine and discover all the smells and flavours.

    Duration: 2h to 3h

    Price: 27€/person

    Available all year

    Includes: Certificate of attendance, tasting and appetizer

  • bici_vinya
    Sustainable visit
    A walk by bike through Subirats vineyards and a tour in the winery

    For breathing in the tranquility of the Subirats wine-growing enviroment. Cycling route from the Lavern-Subirats train station to the winery via charming rural routes

    Duration: 2h 30min
       Bike + tour in the winery
       Normal bike = 24€
       Electric bike = 34,50€
       Children = 9€
       Bike + tour + lunch or breakfast*
       Normal bike = 47€
       Electric bike = 63€
       Children = 31€
         *Lunch costs minimum 17€

  • subirats_eudaldmassana
    The Subirats charm
    Relax in a winegrowing surrounding

    When traveling by caravan, enjoy spending a free night in the Subirats wine region. Simply let us know when you will arrive, and respect the tranquility of the enviroment, the family, house and the winery.

    Maximum: 2 nights, 4 caravans

    Available all the year

    Note: The winery is not liable for any material or personal damages.

  • masia_penedes_vi_cava
    In the familiar house

    In an exclusive space in the family house  and in the winemaking area, we offer companies, groups and individuals a beautiful room for holding conventions, business meetings, or celebrations.

    Enquire for prices, schedule and availability


  • vitilectura_vinya
    Wine Reading
    Enjoying a good reading surrounded by vineyards!

    The pleasure of reading in an incomparable wine growing enviroment while enjoying a glass of wine or cava and accompained by the typical Carquinyolis de Sant Quintí and your book of choice.


    Price: 12€ per table

    Duration: Maximum 2h

    Monday to Friday: from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

    Weekends and holidays: from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

    Reservation required in advance

    Vertical Tasting
    Vertical Tasting and Wine pairing with Avi Ton or La Creueta Wines

    Vertical tasting of 4 different vintages accompanied by a pairing adapted to the season. The Massana family decided open the doors to their private wine collection in a setting as special as the Cava de l’Avi.

    Duration: 2h

    Price: 53€/person (Avi Ton o La Creueta tasting)

    Maximum: 12 people (contact us for bigger groups)

    Minimum: 6 people

    *Optional winery visit

  • vi_penedes_ecologic_creu
    Romanesque and Vineyards
    Culture and Wine

    This tour pairs culture and wine. The tour starts at 11 a.m. with a guided tour of the Romanesque site of Sant Sebastià dels Gorgs, with the possibility of reaching the winery through ancient paths more than 1,100 years old, followed by views of the old monastery in the distance and a visit to the vineyards and the winery at 12:30.

    Duration: 3h

    Price: 17€/person (monastery + visit)

    Availability: first and third Saturday each month.

    Includes: Monastery, and winery visit, 2 tastings, + appetizer

  • vinya_eudald
    Viticulture & gastronomy

    Combine the Essence of wine visit with lunch at the Cal Xim restaurant or at La Botiga Verda in Sant Pau d'Ordal.

    Cal Xim: 36€/person ( from Wednesday to Friday) 46€/person ( weekends and holidays)

    La Botiga Verda: 26€/person (closed Sundays) Available all year

  • boti_boti8
    Family Visit

    A visit for the whole family, presented as a story so children can also enjoy the winemaking process. At the end,a tasting of two offerings for adults and a small workshop for the little ones.

    Minimum: 6 children

    Visit prices: from 3 to 14 years 6€, from 15 years and adults 12€

    Includes: visit + tasting + workshop


  • Home4
    Wine planner

    We make it possible to design a customisable wine tourism experience in line with your tastes and needs.

    Contact us and tell us what you desire and we will design a unique wine experience just for you!.