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BRIMA 2019
  • Time

    Natural sweet wine from a late harvest. Brima was born from the Eudald Massana Noya’s interest in researching, experimenting and finfing out more. It is a customized wine with a limited production, which is created using the best selecion of varieties from the vineyard in each harvest. Each Brima year is unique and unrepeateble. It is a door that opens up  to a world of new tastes and aromes that awaken exeptional sensations to the most selective palates. 

    Producer: Eudald Massana Noya

    Grape variety: Viognier 

    Terrior: own organic viticulture vineyards loced in Subirats

    D.O.: Penedès

    Bottle: Oslo 50cl

    Alcohol content: 11.5 º

  • Production

    Picked in mid-November, the grapes are pressed delicately with a vertical press and fermented in oak barrel. The maturing is later continued in vat and bottle.


    Natural sweet wine of noble rot with a bright and deep orange colour, with aromas of mandarin blossom, and flavours of honey, hazelnuts  and ripe fruit such as dried apricots. Its passing over the mouth is smooth, sweet, pleasant and fresh, with a marked acidity that tempts one to taste it again.

  • Wine pairing

    Cheese assortment. 

    Foie gras. 

    Dessert of sweet wine and dried fruit and nuts. 

    Bread with oil, salt and dark chocolate